HSK 5 vocabulary poster,
words from previous levels excluded

published: June 3, 2018

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Passing HSK 5 means that you can easily read Chinese news, enjoy Chinese movies, and without difficulties express your thoughts. These abilities requare an excellent possession of 2500 words. When you are entering the fifth level, you meet 1300 new Chinese lexemes in additional to already learned vocabulary. On this page you can download HSK5 vocabulary PDF posters with color markers and pinyin, which helps to build strong associative relations between Chinese character image and pronunciation. The translation of words you can find in xls file: HSK5 words list

HSK5 vocabulary poster

HSK5 vocablary (1300 words), List of files for donwload:

The posters do not contain the translation of Chinese words, this is an important point for training memorization. If you forgot translation of a word, you can check it in the HSK5 vocabulary table (excel file)

The Chinese Tone Changes is not customary to designate, it is not written, but you are supposed to just know the rule and apply it if you say the word aloud.

The reason for this is that in many cases.

For example, if the tone change is written, it can make learner confused as to what the “normal” tone of a character is actually supposed to be.

Also you might wonder, “is this a third tone written as a second tone because it’s followed by a third tone, or is this character always a second tone?” Always writing the original tones solves this problem. Read more about Chinese Tone Changes

When creating HSK2 vocabulary poster, the following resources were used:

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